Nature Photo Gathering 2017 ved Naturcenter Fosdalen

Nature Photo Gathering 2017

Morten Hilmer Naturfotografering

Invitation til en weekend i naturfotografiets tegn. For et års tid siden var jeg til Wilderness Gathering i England, hvor folk fra hele landet og endda fra andre lande samledes for at være fælles om det vi alle brænder for nemlig natur og friluftsliv. Der blev flettet pil, hugget flintredskabet, lavet knive, skåret i træ og alt det her, som …

Chasing the white rabbit – TV documentary

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In the documentary Chasing the white rabbit I am traveling to Siorapaluk to meet the native Greenlandic hunters and to document the Arctic wild where animals and people live on the edge of what is possible. I am also there to make the last photos for my new book Silence of the North. In the most remote part of Greenland …

Reception for the launch of my new book Silence of the North

Morten Hilmer

I am very pleased that I can now invite you to the reception for the release of my book Silence of the North, which is my tribute to our Nordic nature. The book has been on its way for a long time, but it’s only been in the last year that the thoughts about form and content finally fell completely …