The Sirius dogsled patrol in Northwest Greenland

Morten Hilmer Uncategorized, Video

In early spring I spent a month in Qaanaaq and Siorapaluk in Northwest Greenland. I went there to get the latest pictures for my new book, which will come out this spring. With me was a cinematographer who was to make a documentary for the Danish Television about my work as a nature photographer. The documentary is coming early 2017. What I did not expect to meet in this area was two dogs sledges and 4 men from the Sirius Patrol.

I then got a phone call from the Royal Danish Navy who  asked me to make a mini documentary about the last part of their journey. It was great to meet my old colleagues again, and not least to get a day beside the sled with my good buddy Anders Kjærgaard, who is now manager of the Sirius Patrol. It was also a dream that came true when I drove together with two local hunters and the two sledges from the Sirius Patrol across the  Politiken Glacier and arrived at Thule Air Base. Great to experience the two cultures coexist.