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Morten Hilmer


Nature & Wildlife Photography

For me, nothing is better than spending some days in the forest combining bush craft and wildlife photography. Something happens to my mind when sitting next to the campfire cooking my food, listening to the wind in the trees and watching all the beauty of nature.

"Reconnect with nature"

featured projects

Ellesmere Island

My Dream of the White Wolf

From the small window in the Twin Otter airplane, I could see the desolated land underneath. Only ice and mountains, black and white, nothing else. A frozen world with no sign of life. This is Ellesmere Island and it is here I am going to spend the next two months chasing my dream – the dream about getting a glimpse of and maybe even photograph the white Arctic wolf.

Svalbard Polar Bear Land

Arctic Photo Adventure

I am on Svalbard for 10 days to photograph wildlife and landscapes. My plan is to be dropped off by boat on a small desolated island and stay there for a little less than a week to enjoy life with wild camping, wildlife photography and beautiful landscapes.




World of Trees


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